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Hey There Rebel!

My name is Michelle.

I love weddings and real-life love stories. My dream is to help brides and their squads have the best experience planning their wedding and celebrating their big day as possible. I loved my engagement season and learned so many good life lessons from wedding planning... some unexpectedly painful ones, too. As a bride:

  • I experienced the tremendous pressure to look stunning in photographs, to the point where my loved ones were concerned I was exercising too much and I bought those silly shrink wraps to "suck the fat" out of my thick thighs.

  • One particular vendor treated me so horribly that I felt bullied. Not only did she change the facility without notifying us, it came to the point that I felt so disrespected that I could no longer deal with her. Thank you, daddy for stepping in on this one!

  • I also felt frustrated to somehow gracefully maintain dear relationships with people asking a bajillion questions and giving unwanted opinions.

I believe that wedding planning is the most beautiful season but it is also one of the most vulnerable seasons for brides. Planning can be all-consuming and it's easy to forget rest and self-care. This makes brides extremely susceptible to enemy attacks (drama, insecurities, financial barriers, miscommunication, etc).

But I prayed fervently as I entered this new season and God gave me a powerful, experience-altering vision - The Rebel Bride.

God revealed how brides can find peace in the planning.

And I want to share the path of peace with you, dear Rebel Bride.

I want you to LOVE your wedding day and cherish the planning journey just as I am grateful for every beautiful and painful moment. Sis, I want you to feel honored and excited to participate as a bridesmaid. Mommas and Grand-Mommas, I want you to feel included and helpful in the wedding preparations so when the big day comes you'll have joy. Most of all, I want you to experience deep gratitude, overwhelming joy, and peace beyond measure. I invite you to discover a better way to plan your wedding - The Rebel Bride. Once a month, I will post a blog featuring tips to enjoy the planning and find peace in it, inspirational stories from Real Rebel Brides, and answers to your bridal questions with much prayer and research.

Discover purposeful planning and peace that transcends your wedding planning woes.

Let's build a united community of support for brides and their squads. Let's uplift one another, honor God with our choices, and seek His perfect peace in the engagement season.

Praying for you, my Sister.

- Michelle

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