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The “Girls Girl” Pandemic: The Search For Grace

I said it. It’s time to be 100% transparent with ourselves.

Enter #GirlTalk.

“I’m a Girl’s Girl” is what you usually hear before the phrase, “Having girls around you who empower and support other women is rare.”

But is it really rare?

*Disclaimer: this in no shape or form negates the amaaazing and supportive women in our lives - this discussion is specifically emphasizing a certain trend developing around women empowerment.

{ Prepare For Tangent }

I’ve heard so many women utter the same line that it got me thinking – are we missing something?

If being a “girl’s girl” is so rare, why do I seem to hear it from everyone?

Yes. Being an all supportive girl for all women is rare. Hear me out; we all have a bias. Maybe there is a type of girl that rubs us the wrong way or maybe they’re not allowed into our invisible ‘criteria’ of which girls we “should” support. Either way, supporting women just for the sake of supporting women is rare. And it’s about time we address it.

1. Being A Girl’s Girl Is Not Only For Your “Clique”

We most definitely should support our friends. I pray that God provides us with genuine friendships where we are able to support each other with ease and joy - But being a Girl’s Girl is a mindset extending beyond your circle of friends.

2. Being A Girl’s Girl Is Not Just For Who You ‘Like’

This one is a bit tricky. OF COURSE, we more readily support other girls who we have a natural attraction to. We like what we like. But sometimes our dialogue is off. The true definition of women supporting women is to develop the heart for supporting our fellow sisters, regardless of what we may or may not receive reciprocally. I’m not saying let’s blindly support every woman just because of her gender – No, I’m more asking my sisters to expand their outlook on who they may not have normally reached out to support. Otherwise, we may just become the world’s largest cliques association.

So What exactly is a Girl’s Girl?

A Girl’s Girl is a woman who has the intent and one who implements actions to genuinely foster and support the talent, business, and person of another woman and women empowerment in general. This privilege goes beyond our circle of friends, our comfort zone, and even our personal insecurities.

Some characteristics include:

  • Speaking highly of other women (if applicable) regardless of personal conflict – in their audience and absence

  • Not letting personal insecurities hinder your support

  • Supporting regardless of popularity or success

  • Being able to collaborate healthily

  • Giving others the Grace & Space to learn how to support other women (while not bashing them for their inability to support you/others you know)

  • Being trustworthy across all boards

  • Showing loyalty in words and actions

  • Being direct, yet loving (sometimes being direct is loving)

  • Praying for continuous growth and development of a heart to support and genuinely encourage others

The truth is – we all miss the mark somewhere and some part of the time. There is no perfect Girl’s Girl - and we should stop searching for Her.

We’ve lost our Grace.

Until we transform our mindsets to recognize that there is a world of supporting women, despite it not being what we’ve envisioned in every exact “way,” we will continue the cycle of resentment and girl-group sabotage. Let’s get our grace back - By giving each other grace to grow and love to learn.

As we continue to develop the attitude to support our phenomenal women - inclusive of all race, age, occupations – We may not be cookie-cutter perfect, but together we’ll be Unstoppable.


Supporting your fellow woman has never been easier! See examples below – and they’re FREE:

  • Liking, commenting, sharing their social content

  • Recommending them to a friend or colleague

  • Speaking highly of them – in their audience & absence

  • Mutual collaboration (if the brands sync)

  • Sending encouragements/shoutouts

  • Get creative - A little goes such a long way!

Here’s to the genuine Long-Lasting, Love-Learning,Grace-Giving, Women-Supporting-Women relationships of the Future.

I’m Excited.

With All My Love,




Guest Writer Bio: Adria McCardy

Author: Adria McCardy

Adria McCardy,MA (@itsadriabee,@godandthegoaldiggers), is the Co-founder, Co-Writer and Creative Director of Children’s Books and Publishing Productions, Brooke & Lee (IG: @brookeandlee). She is also the Author of God and the GOAL Digger, found on She has extensive love for people, her family, faith, friends and her home country, The Bahamas. Along with her venture, clients also know her as their photographer, branding coach, director, writer and/or social media manager. With an entrepreneurial mindset and a jack of all trades pursuit, her goal is to inspire love and positivity to everyone she encounters. One of her most current, personal mottos is that "when you watch God instead of people, your life changes for the better," but her all-time favorite quote comes from Maya Angelou: "... people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Grab Adria's books:

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